Basic Structure


The structure of the Blackbird is very interesting. Its spikes, shape, texture, and engines make it as good as it is. First, the powerful Pratt and Whitney J58 engine was the most powerful of its class. The Blackbird is equipped with two of them, each producing 32,466 pounds of thrust. Did you know that one J58 creates enough thrust to power an ocean liner? One of the most unusual features of the SR-71 are the spikes on its wings. The spikes are used to balance in flight. Also, the shape of the SR-71 is one of the elements that make it go as fast as it does. The exterior of the plane is made up of a titanium alloy. Did you know that when the air around the plane heats up, the alloy actually grows stronger? Finally, the texture is something to talk about. It’s not what you'd expect it to be. The texture is rugged, unlike you're typical passenger plane. It's that way because if the surface was smooth, the metal would slowly peel off. This plane is very unusual. Don't you agree?